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Company description

Bee Computing is a company created in October 2001 and located in Belgium.
The main task of the company was to continue the developments of the Real-Time Production Intelligence software owned by ABB. This task is still one of the main activities of Bee Computing today.

Specialized in high performance programming, Bee Computing was chosen by Bio-Aware to design and implement the mathematical kernel of Biolomics, the Award-Winning application developed for a long time by the Bio-Aware company.

At the same time, a few new applications have been developed. Two of them have been released since 2004:

  • Dactylis, an electronic catalogue and a purchase order generator
  • Oxalis, a graphical application running as a HDA OPC client

Many industrial projects have also been accomplished during the same period:

  • CEMS (Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems) application for a green power plant
  • Real-Time Production Intelligence projects in paper mills, steel and pharmaceutical industries.
  • A spare parts management software for the Low-Voltage division of ABB
  • A crusher control system for a foundry, including complex data logging through fast acquisition boards, radio modem, as well as execution of managed and unmanaged code.







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