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Introduction :

Oxalis is a visualization module working as a HDA OPC client, which means that any graphics containing data owned by an HDA (Historical Data Access) OPC server (OLE for Process Control) can be displayed.

OPC is a worldwide industrial standard of data communication between processes. For more details, see the OPC foundation web site.

  What are the strong points of Oxalis ?

The main advantages of Oxalis are:

  • very low cost
  • graphics can be configured in minute.
  • supports line between points, horizontal lines, CityScape, lines to zero, etc.
  • Automatic and manuel scaling, zoom-in and zoom-out.
  • Unlimited number of axis on four sides : left, top right and bottom.
  • Display automatically the coordinates of points close to the mouse
  • unlimited number of axis on each graphic sides
  • highlight of a point in the graphic if selected in the data grid
  • period displayed can be changed with a simple click
  • automatic refresh of all views
  • free version for viewing and modifying documents generated by a licensed version

History :

Oxalis has been developed in 2005 for an important project in the metallurgy industry.

Free download :

Oxalis 1.35.3 demo can be downloaded here. The only limitation is a shut down of the HDA communication after 30 minutes. For a commercial application, a hardware key is required.